This Generation: Sex and Seduction

Proverbs 7

Focus: Proverbs 7:4-5: Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call understanding a close relative, so that they may keep you from the adulterous woman, from the loose woman who flatters you with her words.

Last Friday the craziest thing happened to me when I went to get my hair cut. Usually, I go to Supercuts because I can get a Haircutdecent trim for around $15. The line was too long, so I called 411 and found a men’s salon and spa where I was told I could get a cut for $16. I think I can afford an extra buck to save time! 🙂 So when I get there, I am stunned to see all the LCD TV’s glittering the walls with ESPN and CNN. What more does a guy need?

As I sat down and waited, I was about to find out that apparently we men need a whole lot more! The receptionist offered me some water with berries floating on the surface (I was impressed!). Then she took me on a tour of the place and pointed out 2 keggers, a liquor cabinet, the massage rooms and pedicure pools. I said, “I’ll just take the haircut!” I also couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous the stylists were. They all looked like super models! (And let’s just say they were not in their “Sunday Best” dress!!!) I was amazed to see how everyone of them had problems with their clothing shrinking in the dryer!

As I sat down, I had a choice to make. I had to decide who my relatives were. I was looking for my “sister” and another “close relative”: wisdom and understanding. Immediately I knew the strategy of this hair parlor. Their business strategy was sex and seduction! Was I shocked? Not really.

For me, as I think about this situation, it seems to be iconic of the generation today. Sex and seduction are twins that have pranced around flattering people with words for years! Today the speech of sex and seduction is communicated through many media: TV, Internet, radio, magazines, fashion, clothing, perfumes, words, music, bad philosophy and psychology, and the list goes on.

As we are bombarded with sex and seduction, we have to choose how we will respond. In my situation, I actually shared about my faith, family, church, and politics with the beautiful woman who trimmed my hair. Seriously, she was shocked. I wasn’t. She said that no one had ever talked with her before in the salon about those topics. Judging by the combination of alcohol and the business strategy of this parlor, I would assume that most men don’t come there just for the trim. They like the LCD TV’s! RIIIIGHT!

The truth is that sex and seduction are beautiful when they are in their proper place. I prefer these to be coming from my wife. God created sex to be enjoyed in a monogamous relationship in marriage: Just like a fire is made to burn in a pit or fireplace. When sex is taken outside of the place God created for it to be enjoyed, it is inevitable for destruction and pain to follow close behind (just like what happens when fire is taken outside of the fireplace).

If there is one thing this generation needs as it experiences and enjoys sex, it is close family relationships with wisdom and understanding. Discernment will go a long way in helping us to stay away from the pain of the seductive woman, and it will lead us to the true pleasures that are found when we enjoy God’s gifts through the means he intended.

By the way….that hair cut…it actually costed $60 +$12 tip, not $16!!!! Ahhhh! I had heard the receptionist wrong! Can you believe there are knobheads who pay that much for a hair cut?!!!


Leaving Community


Judges 17-21

Pericope: Judges 21:24-25

As I read through today’s passage, I was affirmed once again of the atrocities that occur when God’s people live outside the boundaries of the grace of community with God. The entire book of Judges seems to be writing that depicts Israel’s dark spot in history as their hearts slowly drifted away from God. There were blips of the appearance of faithfulness when God would raise up a deliverer for His people when they whined long enough in their bondage. But in reality, the perspective is well described in the final chapter of this messy book: “In those days Israel had no king. Each man did what he considered to be right.” Truly, Israel’s king was Yahweh. But, alas, it remains true that Israel had no king. She had a habit of leaving her King and then running back to him in the midst of her trouble. The more she ran away, the more wicked she became, the more sick the community of Israel grew to be. When the Community of Yaheweh is neglected, then the community becomes sick as His presence fades. We can see this on an individual and corporate level in the final story in Judges. The Levite had a dysfunctional relationship with his concubine (should he have even had a concubine?), he was sick and demented (he gave his concubine to the wicked men and then carved up his concubine when she was found dead). Corporately, we see Israel living with wickedness in their presence (the homosexual men who wanted to rape the Levite) and the tribe of Benjamin refuses to let justice be done (they harbored wicked men). They were people who neglected their relationship with God and violated their covenant with Him. Today, God’s people must be careful to make sure they are living in right relationship with God through the Son. If we leave the Son, then we leave right relationship with the Father. If we remain in Him, then he will remain in us and we will continue to have good spiritual health and wellness. So, we must be careful if we are living outside of the community of God and His people. If that happens to be what we choose, then let us not be surprised when we see wickedness abound and the effects of wickedness personally touch our lives. Leaving community with God with has severe consequences.

Unfailing Love

1/26/2008 1:00pm

Genesis 22-27

Recently I was flying back to Dallas after driving up to Denver. The woman who sat next to me on the plane shared that she had spent the weekend together with her boyfriend skiing. From the conversation, she gave me the impression that her relationship with her boyfriend was much more than platonic- i.e. physically intimate. I was not at all surprised since physical intimacy before marriage seems to be the norm for our culture today. After she finished, I was able to share the blessing of having a wonderful wife and a beautiful baby boy. My wife and I have been married for 3 years. There have been times when it has been difficult, but the hard work has been worth it all. There is nothing more freeing and satisfying than sharing a commitment that is mutual.

This morning as I read through Genesis 22-27, I became grateful for the security that I have in the love of Christ. Because of his love, I enjoy both heavenly riches by being in right relationship with the Father, and I enjoy earthly riches by being blessed with a beautiful wife who is faithful to me. The love that God has for us is much richer than our love toward him or even our love toward the one we love most.

When Abraham’s servant was searching for the wife of Isaac, he recognized this faithful love God had toward Abraham. It is called Checed (Kesed) love, or faithful love. This love is not only an endearing love, but much more than that. It is a love that is continually faithful to uphold its commitments. In the case of Abraham, God was firmly committed to the Covenant whereby God would bring redemption and blessing to all mankind.

I am thankful for being in Community with Christ. He is the ultimate fulfillment of Chesed love. God does not want us to spin isolated in the fleeting pleasures of one night stands, cheap sex, or pornography. They all seem intoxicating at the moment, but such moments are quickly fleeting and leave one feeling unsatisfied. Instead, God is delivering us from a world of hurts, habits, and hangups that are less than a cheap imitation of love. Love without commitment is dangerous and hurtful- it really is no love at all. True love is committed. If your life is caught up in isolation and uncertainty, and you are looking for a way out, that way has been provided through the unfailing love of Christ.