Brothel Rescue

Brothel Rescue

Psalm 71

Focus: 71:15 I will tell about your justice, and all day long proclaim your salvation, 22 though I cannot fathom its full extent. 23

This last week, my church hosted guest Gary Haugen from International Justice Mission. This was truly one of the most moving experiences I have had in recent years. Through Gary’s humble message, I was challenged spiritually in a way that I have never been before. For the first time, I was confronted with the problem of God’s justice. It also reminded me of the problem of evil. Where is God in the midst of young children in India where they are forced into the slavery of sex brothels? Or people who are beaten ruthlessly to the point of death by those who are supposed to be their protectors? Or when a hundreds of thousands were being destroyed by genocide in places like Rwanda?

These are certainly tough questions, but the main takaway that I had is that God is a God of justice. God hates injustice and one day he will bring justice and accountability for all the evil that exists. Psalm 71:15 was a sweet reminder to me that God is a just God. In Micah 6:8 it tells us what God requires of people. The first requirement: to do justly. When Haugen shared, I had an epiphany. In God’s plan for justice, His people are his agents for accomplishing justice. The reason why so much injustice exists is that God’s people allow it to happen, but they are the very people who are to be the agents of change that brings justice!

I am so thankful to hear about the work of Haugen. The Psalmist records, “I will tell about your justice, and all day long proclaim your salvation, though I cannot fathom its full extent.” Because of ministries like IJM I can confidently affirm the message of the psalmist. God is doing great work freeing those brutally enslaved by evil people. So, while I live in my bubble in life, there is a world of miracles happening every day all across the globe where God is freeing people to know Him. Now the exciting thing is that I know about the tangible ways of being an agent of justice. I will be reading Haugen’s book Good News About Injustice. But more than that, I will be voice for those who are around me struggling with less severe forms of injustice. There are many ways to be involved. What can you do?