Why I Didn’t Do a New Year’s Resolution and What I am Doing Instead

Every year it always happens. End of December comes and in those last few weeks you start to flip through the memories of the past year and evaluate the areas where you fell short. I do this every year.

Then January 1 comes and you make a declaration to resolve to accomplish some very specific things in your life. I have done that before and more often than not my resolution gets derailed by mid February. Usually this is because of a back injury. Why does a back injury derail my resolution?

Because usually I am trying to lose weight, and an old college back injury seems to flair up when I start running. It seems like I look at food and put on weight. I don’t have the blessing like some of you of eating anything and everything and never putting on a pound. My metabolism went into reverse when I hit 30. So this year is different. I am not doing resolutions and it all happened because of a road sign I saw in Michigan when my family visited in late December.

The sign said, “Daily devotion is better than New Year’s resolution.” And that though hasn’t left me. So instead of coming up with some grandiose ideas that I will fail to achieve, this year I am going to focus on one word: “Abide.”

Instead of resolving, I am going to abide. I will never achieve what I have resolved to do unless I abide daily in the small moments. My health and the other areas in my life that are lacking have deteriorated by poor day to day decisions. I would love to take a pink drink to help lose weight. I would love to buy a magic machine that would transform my abs. I would love to go to the conference to fix the parts in our home that I am not proud of. But those will not accomplish what I wish to resolve. Daily abiding will.

This year I took a good hard look at areas in my life that need to improve. I specifically evaluated certain categories of my life and wanted to zoom in on areas where I have been lazy and unintentional. So, in these categories I set some goals where I am going to work daily to abide in the little decisions. By this I hope to both accomplish my goals and to set some permanent habits that I hope and pray will be transformative in my life. So far so good.

If you are interested in what I am aiming for, just read below. What are some areas in your life where you have been unintentional or plain lazy? What do you need to abide daily in?




Pastor Jeremiah


2016 Goals


Daily devotions 5 days per week

Memorize 52 verses (1/week)

Share the Gospel 1 time per week

Invite someone to church once per week

Record every instance I cuss and its occasion


Log food daily for an entire year

Exercise 15-30 min/ day for 4 days per week

Walk dog daily

Drink recommended Oz. of water per day daily

Complete at least 2 cleanses this year

Sleep an average of 7 hours per night


Create annual church preaching calendar by end of first week

Have weekly sermon manuscript rough drafts completed by Wednesday

Attend 1 church conference

Write 1 short blog post weekly

Read 2 books per month and write a book report

Have someone new over for dinner twice per month


Plan 4 weekend getaways (Sun-Mon)

Date nights 2 times per month

Intentional in intimacy

Write Samantha 12 letters throughout the year


1 on 1 time with each child for at least 1 hour 1 time per month

5 minute family devotion daily

Discipline disobedience and sinful living immediately each occurrence

Plan 2 weeks away: 1 with family; 1 with S & J


Close on house in Dallas

Keep credit cards paid off

Tithe a minimum of 10%

Save 10% of income

Create a 401K and Roth IRA


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