What’s Next On Our Horizon? – Part I

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you have been praying for us, some for years, regarding our next step in life. For me (Jeremiah), the 13 years I have dedicated to patient care, while being rewarding, has ultimately felt like a season of discipline, bringing fruits of reproof, instruction and training for my life. Thus, for those of you who know us and have walked with us on our journey, you know that we have been prayerfully seeking for me to give up my nursing career in hopes of pursuing something that will better suit my gifting and natural aptitudes. This is the very reason we moved to Dallas in the Spring of 2006.

This Summer marks the 3rd anniversary of my graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary. Immediately after graduating I applied to various ministries but stopped applying as we expected the arrival of Hannah and then a year later William. From January 2014 through January 2015 I worked through Re:Generation, a 12 step recovery program where I grew in my faith and found recovery in Christ from anger, depression, fear of man, and more. Samantha also started Re:Generation in mid 2014 and will be completing her program at the end of June this year. It has been a great season of rest and growth for our family.

So this brings me to our present. Samantha and I have finally felt like it was an apt time to begin pursuing a career change. Dallas Seminary sent out my resume to various ministries and I interviewed with some, while getting numerous rejection letters. I wondered what God had in store for our family. With each letter I sensed God’s affirmation- like passing exit signs on a highway, knowing that those opportunities were not the correct exit to get us to our destination.

Samantha and I came to a fork on our journey where we had the opportunity to pursue church planting in the midwest or visit a moderately sized church in a rural area. We visited both, and just like knowing that we could go left or right on the road, we believe that we have turned in the right direction going down a road that we anticipate will bring a great adventure and wonderful sights of God’s grace on our journey. So as we look out our vehicle of faith and trust that He is carrying us on our journey, many of you have wondered and asked, “What is next on your horizon?” What is it we see when we peer out the windows of faith and stare into the vast expanse that is in front of our lives?

If you would like to look through our window of faith and see what we see on the horizon, please click here.


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