Appreciating your work when the budget is tight

Ever get discouraged on payday after all the bills get paid and there is not as much left over as you would like?

I was thinking about how years ago, the fruit of our labor was rewarded at harvest and could be seen in a tangible way. Imagine working and toiling through the rains of spring and the heat of summer. Preparations were made. You could watch the crop germinate. As the season passed, the excitement of harvest grew.

Now, that whole excitement and sense of accomplishment can be dwarfed because of the structure of our society today. Many of us work extra hours each week just to make ends meet. And there may be little to none left over so that we can purchase the items we want- items that can give us a sense of achievement. There is little sense of reward.

Here’s what happens:

Friday comes, and the paycheck is direct deposited. No physical transaction of handling money.

Saturday comes and bills (mortgage/ rent, electricity, car payment, gas, food, etc.) are paid using eBill, online payments, or the debit card. Again, no physical touching of money as it is exchanged between the consumer and the marketer.

Then the Monday blues. Bank account shock- realizing that there is not as much left over in the bank as we would like once the expenses of the weekend were paid. Returning to work wondering why we are doing this again. Wondering, “Where is the reward to my labor?”

The sense of accomplishment & pride that come with the reward of a fall harvest is something that few experience today.

Seeing our weekly expenses as part of our harvest can help us to experience a sense of accomplishment. While it is not the same as having a physical exchange of cash for service, it can help fight against ingratitude and discouragement that can creep among us- especially at this time of year.

Many of the “necessities” we have today were luxuries of yesterday.

With that in mind, remember that whatever billing account your digital funds hit as they instantaneously flash through miles of fiber optics when you hit “submit,” you are using the fruit of your labor to purchase something that you otherwise would not have, purchases that many today in other countries live without.

Thank God for giving you abundance and rewarding you for your hard week of work. Then when Monday comes, press on and look forward once again to receiving a harvest for your labor. It’s there. You just have to mentally process it to understand and appreciate your reward.

Keep working hard!

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. (2 Corinthians 9:6 NIV)

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