Why should you serve your employer?

Proverbs 27:18

He who tends the fig tree will eat its fruit;

And he who cares for his master will be honored.

One of the greatest revolutions in my thinking and work ethic came after several failed jobs in my career. Sadly, when I graduated college I was an arrogant prideful young man. Since there were few men that worked in nursing at the time, I thought that I was the creme of the crop. I thought my employers should cater to my every demand.

After I passed my boards, as I looked for jobs, I thought everything was all about me. Naturally, I wanted to find the best paying job with the best opportunity for me. That is not entirely bad, except I only thought entirely about myself. Since there is a nursing shortage that was only getting worse, I thought I had all the leverage. But mediocre job after mediocre job, failure to excel in my position taught me that something was wrong.

I had to revisit my attitude. While it is OK to think about how I would “put food on my table,” at the time I had little to no concern for the welfare of my employer. How stupid was that? For practical reasons, that is dumb. For starters, if my employer doesn’t succeed, then I won’t have a job. It didn’t take long for my attitude of entitlement to end.

God’s word says that the one who tends the fig tree will eat of its fruit. In an agrarian culture, prudence to care for the crop was paramount to livelihood. Literally, it was no work then no food. The more diligent you were to protect and care for your produce, the more you would produce!

Now what would happen if you worked for a master in that day and age? What would happen if you were a faithful servant who brought riches to the field owner? You would be rewarded. That was the general truth. Of course, that assumes that you, the field worker, have gone to work for a faithful field owner. The same is true today.

In our jobs, we should go to work as faithful servants. Not only is it important to consider the “food for your table” when you take a job, but you should go as a servant seeking for the welfare of your employer. It will cause you to succeed in your job in ways that you could not have done trying to claw yourself to the top. Just make sure you consider the integrity of your field owner before you take your job.

Recently, there has been fruit to my change in attitude. In my last several jobs, I have gone as a servant, seeking the best for my employer. There is synergy when this happens. They succeed. I succeed. I received promotions. My career advanced. Now I work in one of the most desired clinical positions in the hospital where I work. I like to think that I work with the “Navy Seals” of the hospital. And it has come as a progression of faithful service to my employer- and I didn’t have to claw to get there!

How is your attitude at your job today?


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