How Serious is God about His Name?

The Dung Gate at the outer wall of Jerusalem

Malachi 1-4

Focus: Malachi 2:2-3, “If you do not listen and take seriously the need to honor my name,” says the LORD who rules over all, “I will send judgment on you and turn your blessings into curses–indeed, I have already done so because you are not taking it to heart. I am about to discipline your children and will spread offal on your faces, the very offal produced at your festivals, and you will be carried away along with it.

Falling in love is easy to do. Remaining in love over time can prove to be quite difficult. Israel was a nation called by the name of God. When God identified them by His name (Deut. 28:9-10), it signified the joining of the two in very close unity. God made a covenant with His people, and it was filled with abundant blessings- designed to bring life and peace (Malachi 2:5)- for Israel if they lived according to His ways. God had Israel’s best intentions for her. Yet, over time, Israel’s only consistent pattern was her inconsistent love for Yahweh.

When the prophet Malachi wrote, it was over 100 years after God had returned Israel back to the Land after their exile to Assyria, Babylon and Persia. And as time faded, so also did Israel’s love for the Lord. They violated the Law of God by offering blemished sacrifices and kept the best animals for themselves; they were disloyal to God; and they committed unspeakable sins. Israel did not take seriously the need to honor God’s name. This had serious consequences.

God was warning Israel through Malachi. He would not tolerate the defiling of His name. God cares when His people offer Him second best. He cares when His people fail to honor Him with their treasures because they are keeping the prized possessions for themselves. God cares when His people approach Him wrongly in their sacrifices. God cares when His people’s love for Him fades. He cares about their disloyalty. He cares so much that he would bring ultimate shame on His people if they won’t turn back to Him.

God said that he was about ready to spread offal on the priest’s faces- the faces of those were supposed to be “holiest” in Israel. This would be the utmost shaming of a person. The offal was the internal organs of sacrifices, feces and all, that was discarded and taken out the Dung Gate to the Valley of Hinnom (Gehenna, AKA known as Hell in the NT). At the Valley of Hinnom there was a constant fire that would burn up and consume anything deemed unclean. The dead bodies of criminals were also taken here. So it is no minor infraction that Israel has committed. God said that he would smear “poop” in their face and that they would be carried away (out the Dung Gate) with it. God cares that His people honor His name! He cares when the love of the hearts of His people grows cold toward Him.

We can all learn from this. I am also guilty of letting my heart grow cold at times. It is a frustrating thing, but that is why the Lord asks us to repent. To repent just means to return to the Lord. God wants us to return back to our first love for Him. When we have done this, then we will no longer offer him the “seconds” of our lives. We will give Him the first portion of our time, talents and treasures. How is your heart? How is that reflected in the sacrifice you give to the Lord throughout the week– and not just on Sunday?

2 thoughts on “How Serious is God about His Name?

  1. May the unique God of the Holy Bible continue to richly bless your life Jeremiah. what you have written in the above article is very very good!

    Precious readers of Jeremiah’s blog, if you are currently offering God very little of your time and talents you need to be reminded that God’s precious gift of time to you belongs to Him.

    Additionally your talents have been given to you by God, so that you have a precious opportunity by using them wisely to glorify God’s pure name.

    Precious readers of Jeremiah’s blog, if you are currently watching too many silly time-wasting programmes on television where actors “live” prayerless lives, you need to be reminded that you have fallen into a pit of superficiality. And to get out of that debilitating pit, you’ll need to recognize that you are dishonouring God’s name down there.

    Citizens of America, if you are pounding about, day after day, on lawless legs in a pit of disobedience, relying totally on your own efforts, you need to know that Your Creator, holy God, loves you and always has done and has your best interests at heart.

    You need to know that the risen Jesus Christ will be returning to earth very soon; so it is in your best interests to dig deeper spiritually and decide to
    take God’s name more seriously.

    You can demonstrate your new desire to honour God by deciding to treat the Holy Bible as a treasure. Say yes to some regular Bible study and you’ll soon be aware that God wants you to say no to fritting your time away on spiritually harmful television programmes. Start with Psalm 1 – it is a great place to start.

    Mighty triune God may your majestical holy, compassionate, loving name always be highly exalted in our heart.

  2. This article was inspired from an inspiring article written by Jeremiah Krieger. May it be a blessing to all diligent students of life.

    Jesus is the great Lover, and the great Pursuer of His creation.

    No one needs to stay angry with Their sublime Maker, turn to Him so you
    can be delivered.

    Treasured readers, the holy God of the Holy Bible has no peer. Truly
    everything He say is always true and reliable.

    Sinners worldwide, now is the time to return to the Holy One, The Great
    Lover and The Great Pursuer of sinful mankind.

    Come, readers of this blog, let us bow before this only true
    faithful loving forgiving God and joyfully announce to as many ears in the world that we can reach that the LORD is a powerful deliverer.

    If you sense that you are getting an increasingly idolatrous heart that
    has become preoccupied with other things apart from being thankful unto
    God, you can still decide to say yes to a more intimate relationship
    with Jesus, the risen LORD.

    As we study the Holy Bible, the greatest treasure in written form, we
    learn that there is no other true God besides the God of the Bible.
    He is God alone and has no peer.

    Be mightily encouraged precious readers for even though we are often
    dreadfully unfaithful, God doesn’t not completely reject us! Such is His
    compassionate heart that He keeps on pursuing us.

    Remembering this our highest blessings ought to belong to the God of
    Israel who is great and merciful toward His entire creation.

    Blessed be the name of Our long suffering God; for even while our rebellious hearts wander, He shows great patience and restraint toward us.
    Not only that, but God continues to pursue us when we walk away from Him.

    Yes, Almighty God goes after us like a lover who goes after His bride!

    Sinning Citizens of the world, no one needs to stay in severe bondage and face the prospect of ruination and eternal separation from righteous God.

    For such is the Lord’s character. Such is His compassion and special
    love for us that He is willing to keep teaching us patiently, so that we
    have the opportunity to turn back to Him.

    Yes, even when His creation rebels against Him, the cross of Christ
    teaches that God continues to pursue wayward errant sinners with His
    great love. Why? So that they would have the glorious privilege to glory
    in Him and His noble character.

    Precious readers of Jeremiah’s blog, if you sense that you have well and
    truly messed up and have nowhere else to go – go to Jesus. Go to Jesus,
    for in learning from Him you have bright prospects of escaping from
    your chaotic life.

    Go to Jesus, the risen LORD, for His cleansing, purifying love casts out feelings of no hope; so that hope eternal can spring forth.

    Yes though you be guilty of failing to glorify God, because of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice you are offered by God the opportunity to be pardoned.

    Yes, at the holy sinless true and faithful name of Jesus every knee will
    bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the
    glory of God the father.

    Jesus Christ is God’s heart and hand reaching out to His people. His
    death on the cross is the sacrifice that vindicates anyone who trusts in

    No matter what we have done in life, God is still pursuing us. Truly, He
    is the great Lover who pursues His people, so that they will live in a
    way that brings forth the life dignifying fruit of faith. hope and love.

    Jesus’s voluntary death on the cross teaches us that God’s hands are
    still outstretched to graciously save contrite repentant sinners.

    Precious readers, you can show that your gratitude to God
    by accepting Jesus’ extended hand of reconciliation.

    Precious readers, put your complete trust in Jesus and His atoning death and God will bless you, so that you can sincerely glorify in the King of Kings,
    the Lord of Lords, the good Shepherd of our soul, Our great Lover and
    Pursuer, Friend and mighty God! Amen.

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