Is there anything good about crisis?

Isaiah 26-30

Focus: Isaiah 26:8 You will desecrate your silver-plated idols and your gold-plated images. You will throw them away as if they were a menstrual rag, saying to them, “Get out!”

There is nothing more humbling than enduring disaster. Nobody wants to face troubling times. What happened in Haiti a few days ago was a horrible tragedy with lasting consequences. No one should have to go through that kind of affliction! It grieves my heart to see the innocent suffer.

At stake during such catastrophes is the question, “Is God good? or can anything good come about from this?” As difficult as it is to believe, I think that tragedy, more than anything else we will experience in life, will most certainly teach us to trust the Lord. Tragedy will most certainly teach us that God is good.

What Haiti is going to experience is the gracious hand of God working through His people who are beginning to intensely minister to their needs. The world is responding to this disaster like never before. His people are responding in a way that I have not seen in my life. Haiti’s cries have been heard.

But more than felt needs being met, the people in Haiti will understand- like no one else- what is most important in life. Haitians everywhere have been stripped of everything that they trusted in that ultimately is not life giving.

Disaster can reminds us all that God alone is good. It is ultimately because of man’s mistrust in God’s goodness that the earth is under a curse. Man sinned, the earth was cursed, and there is disaster. God grieves with us as we are affected by the effects of the fall, and he will one day bring healing. Our current reality will not last forever.

For those of us who will experience tragedy (that is all of us!), we must learn through our pain to trust the Lord. When all is stripped away from our life, we learn what is most important in all of life.  It is in these moments where we are able to renounce our idols and see the goodness of God. Tragedy is the rock that shatters the shades of idolatry. It causes us to see the distractions that blind us- distractions that are not life giving or eternal. Only God and human souls are eternal.

Tragedy teaches us to embrace God as the giver of life and to embrace others who share life with us. My prayer is that during the current tragedy and during times like this that we will remember the things in life that are most important.


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