Dear Liberal Congressmen

Please stop spending my money. America is not for taking on debt. America is not for your outrageous spending bills! The money you spend is NOT YOURS! Your are thieves and criminals. Also, please note…America is not for your stupid health care plan. America is not for YOU!

There will be a price to pay for all of us because of your irresponsible choices that are making our country vulnerable in every way. You are destroying our country. I am looking forward to mid-term elections to boot all your sorry butts out of Congress! I am spreading the word! You better listen up because you are kissing your political careers goodbye.

Thank you,

Concerned and Ticked off Citizen


One thought on “Dear Liberal Congressmen

  1. Nice comment, except that it might be better to address it to all of the Congress. Seems neither Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative has managed to stop the insane spending.

    Our children will end up with a debt they cannot pay back. I feel sorry for them…but I don’t think it is a trend we can stop. Stupid irresponsible politicians.

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