100 day challenge- The Well Worn Path


Today is day 67. I slugged it out at the gym with a rigorous lower body  and core workout. By the end, I could feel my body pulsing, muscles squeezing and a surge of adrenaline rush through me. It’s a great feeling. I took a deep breath in and let out a sigh of relief. I headed towards the door as I was being cooled by the sweat beads streaming down my body. One more step has been taken down this 100 day path.

I am hovering around the 10 lb weight loss range and my clothes are not agonizing anymore when I put them on. All this time my wife thought I needed to go shopping because she thought I ran out of clothes. It turns out that what I needed is to get back into the gym so that I can fit into the selection that I have! I am getting there….slowly. But that’s fine. At least I am going in the right direction.

Setting a 100 day challenge can teach life lessons worth great value. We all need to be challenged so that we can grow. There are different names for challenges. Such names can include: test, adversity, opposition, confrontation, problem, task, trial, questioning, dare, conflict, and the list goes on. Regardless of what you call ’em, I have learned that challenges are neutral in nature.

A challenge is not necessarily good or bad. It might provoke good or bad feelings, but challenges are really opportunities to test leadership. They are life evaluations. Charles Swindoll is credited with the popular phrase, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” It is important to be tested by adversity in order to provide the opportunity for progress. Challenges do that.

Footnotes about this challenge…

Being on this journey has taught be the power of emotions. Emotions are strong forces that can provoke us to move in any sort of direction. There have been several days when I did not want to go to the gym and have had to battle emotions. There have also been several days when I have been excited and refreshed knowing that I was going to the gym. My emotions are challenges some days and encouragements on others. I have learned that emotions cannot be trusted.

I have also learned the power of consistency. Consistency has helped me to be in a groove that has been instrumental in beating my emotions. After the first 20 days or so, the battles to go to the gym were not as hard to win. Going became an expectation. It was a predetermined choice made by a pattern of habits. Consistent habits are like well worn paths that lead us through a forest that may be fogged by emotions. These paths will guide us in the right direction if we learn to trust them in the fog.

What are the challenges you are facing today? Have you set a goal for yourself lately? What are the well worn paths in your life that will help guide you towards accomplishing your goal?

One thought on “100 day challenge- The Well Worn Path

  1. Amazing post Jeremiah! You can see the changes you’re experiencing so well. I think everyone can relate in some way and especially to the power of emotions. It is evident that this 100 day challenge isn’t leaving you the same person as when you started. You have done an incredible job keeping at it (I can testify to it!). When it’s finished and as you continue the journey, you will see life and your relationship to God in a whole new perspective. I love you!

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