33-0, 100 Day Challenge

imagesSo far I have a perfect record. I am 33 and 0. I have won every time! There is nothing like a long win streak. I have worked out 33 days in a row and have missed 0 days. I am 8 lbs trimmer too. It is amazing to think that I am 1/3 of the way into my workout challenge. As far as my eating habits are concerned,  I am doing well. I have had self-discipline every day for the last 33 days.

Temptations to skip workouts or eat poorly have come and gone in the past 33 days. But the more I win, the easier it gets. I have to admit that yesterday I indulged in a few extra cheese slices as an evening snack during a class I am helping lead. For some reason, I also had an enormous temptation to eat one of those soft cookies from Sam’s Club. But I passed it up.

Setting a 100 day challenge can be done with just about anything. I was originally inspired by John Cox, the executive pastor at my church. He encouraged us to just set out a challenge to do something consistently for 100 days straight as a way to build discipline and good habits. So I naturally thought of where I had become most undisciplined, and that led me to the gym. I can say that I am so grateful for someone raising the bar in my life. We all need that in our life. What would be a great task for you to do for the next 100 days?

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