Well, today was the big day! I haven’t stepped on the scale lately. Why? I was afraid. My fear was now that I am around 18 days into this 100 day challenge, I would not see any objective results. I can say that I have been disciplined in my eating, and I have not missed a beat in exercising. I have been doing isometric exercises for about 2 weeks now as I alternate that with cardiovascular day by day. But the fear still loomed.

So the big moment…I stepped on the scale and I weighed in at 240lbs. Whew! What a relief. Nothing like when you fear a scale saying, “we don’t do livestock” when you get on it. The last time I stepped on it, I weighed 246 lbs. (Nothing like going backwards when you are trying to make progress.) I can see results in my face and my waistline. Clothes are fitting better. They don’t seem to taunt me when I put them on now. What a difference even 5-6 lbs makes.

So the lesson… slow and steady is the way to make progress. The way that I have overcome my impatience is by celebrating my daily achievements: eating well and getting my exercises done. There is something satisfying with knowing that I am making good choices.

sugar Sweet sugar! To put into perspective my accomplishment so far…compare my weightloss to a 5lb bag of sugar! I only have 8-10 more bags to lose! Ha ha! For all those out there who are discouraged with your progress, consider your choices. Are you being disciplined in the simple daily moments? Moment by moment slow and steady will get you there!

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