The Irony of Freedom in Boundaries

Psalm 1

Focus: Psalm 1:2-3

One of the things I am continually reminded of is the freedom and life that comes from living within the structure of God’s commands. There is sensibility in functioning the way I am intended to function (Amazing, I know!). God has created us to live within the boundaries of His Law. God’s laws are both freeing and life giving. What is ironic is that one would think just the opposite! How can one be free within the constraints of a law?

There are several ways to illustrate this. For example, submarines do not work too well outside of deep water. A domestic vehicle would not fair well on a race track. Wild animals or farm animals would not survive in a metropolis. The same is true in chemistry when certain elements are engaged. The wrong combination of chemicals can be destructive. The common denominator between all these examples is that they all demonstrate the idea that things are intended to operate within the boundaries of their intended purposes. Everything in life has laws, and I cannot think of a time when there is benefit for anything to function outside its intended norm.When they are taken out of their natural contextual function, they are often ineffective or harmful.

The same is true for human beings. The reality is that human beings are created to operate within a certain God-given boundary in life. When they remain in the limits of God’s Laws, life will fair well. When the human soul attempts to live outside the gracious parameters God has given us, it inevitably will experience pain, isolation, doubt, sadness, etc. Psalm 1:2-3 reminds us that there is God given pleasure in following God’s commands. There is blessing in living in the freedom of boundaries. The rest of the passage reminds us that living outside of God’s intended purposes is destructive like a roller coaster that has left the tracks!

The reality is that we are all people who try to push the limits. We fall to the lie that there is life and liberty outside these pesky, oppressive, juvenile institutions called God’s Law. But the good news is that we have the opportunity to identify where true freedom and life can be found, and we have a God who is helping us to stay where we can find great pleasure.


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