The Power of Consistency- 100 Day Challenge

FreemotionNot sure which day I am on for the 100 day challenge… I am thinking 12. One thing I am learning is the power of consistency. I have found it to be much easier to be consistent when I go to the gym every day. There is nothing like having the mental hangover of a rest day on a day when it is time to start up again.

I find that working out everyday has alleviated that tension because I know that I will be in the gym no matter what. In addition, my discipline with working out has helped me with being disciplined with eating. I will admit that I had a slice of pound cake tonight (It was really thin), but I can say that I have not overeaten since I started working out. I am also allowing myself to have one day a week where I can enjoy a treat, so tonight is that time for this week. Learning discipline in one area of my life is helping with discipline in other areas.

This morning I amped it up at the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center downtown Dallas. 5:00 am seems to come so soon! But there is nothing to get the day started like lifting weights. I did work mostly on machines instead of dumbbells to make sure that I can baby my back a little longer. I am not too ambitious to hurt it again. Not being able to sleep at night or sit up out of bed is not my idea of fun. But I am being creative to find safe ways to protect my back while getting in a great workout.

Since the only workout routine that I know is the Body for Life, that is the one I am transitioning too. It offers a great structure to a workout routine and provides a way to measure growth. Today I completed an upper body workout. My plan is to do weight training every other day (transitioning between upper body and lower body every other weight training workout). I had a lot of success with this when I did Body for Life before. Since starting this challenge, I am feeling more confident each day. I have also had more energy and am more alert than I have been in a long time. It is amazing to see the quick improvements in such a short time. I am looking forward to the days ahead.


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