Day 9

Haagen Dazs

Still going strong. Last week I decided that I would be able to enjoy a treat one day a week so that I wouldn’t go crazy at the end of 100 days and binge on Blue Bell Ice Cream or Snickers candy bars or something ridiculous like that. So on the 4th I enjoyed a small taste of HäagenDazs while watching fireworks with Samantha. I feel good about this decision since my goal is to be disciplined both in my exercise and eating habits. I think this will be key to my success.

On a different note, on Monday I implemented weight training into my exercise routine. I plan to rotate upper body and lower body every other day and do cardio workouts on days in between. I admit that I have a little fear about weight training since I am just finishing physical therapy for a pinched nerve in my lower back. I don’t want to aggravate that again. The all too recent memories of miserable sleep and unbearable pain still haunt me. So my plan is to gently introduce weights and allow my muscles to slowly strengthen. It is exciting to implement this into my plan since the research I have done shows that lifting weights is important in reaching my goals.

My next challenge is finding recipes for snacks that are easy to prepare high in protein and low in sugar. I plan to transition to eating 5-6 small meals per day. If anyone has any fun nutritious ideas, please post them on my blog: Also, for all you health nuts out there (all three of you who read my posts!) what is your plan for situations where you need to attend a meeting where they provide a meal (like lunch or dinner) and the food is not in your diet? I ran into a problem with this tonight and had to sacrifice in this area.


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