EllipticalIt is already day #4. I guess that means only 96 to go for my 100 day challenge. So far I have exercised every day. Today I hit the Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center and busted out some calories on the elliptical machine…almost 500 calories and 4 miles. I maintained a heart rate of 148 give or take a few beats. Lots of sweat. After that I did some lower back exercises that have been prescribed by my physical therapist. (My back pain is gone, but I need to continue to build my lower back muscles so I can work on my core.)

Today I had a fairly healthy taco salad for lunch. There were some beans and beef to hold me. Not a lot of extra fatty stuff. Low on the cheese. High on the salad 🙂 A friend of mine ordered Pepsi and I LOVE Pepsi. My wife got a tea….me, I had a water with a slice of lime. I tried to pretend it had the yummy bubbly sweetness of Pepsi, but it just didn’t work! Oh well. It was a victory.

I am beginning to realize just how undisciplined I had become. There have been several times already where I have said “no” to putting something in my body; before I would have thought, “It’s OK to enjoy this once in a while.” It’s funny how “once in a while” seems to come on a daily basis!  Yesterday I was craving some homemade chocolate chip cookies that I made last week. They are in the freezer and are great with a chilled glass of milk. But I declined even though, I admit, it was tough to say no that time.

Now I am finding myself looking forward to day #5. Each achievement encourages me for the next opportunity to make a good choice. Daily progress is becoming an opiate that stimulates me for each step in this 100 day journey. I am learning the power of consistency and discipline.

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