Day 3, 100 day challenge

Yep, it’s the third day since I started this 100 day challenge. I would guess I am still in the honeymoon stage. Last night I had a little victory worth celebrating. I was helping with the Premarried class at Watermark and we were served Pei Wei for dinner. If you have never been there before, just know that it is really good Asian food that is not exactly healthy.

treadmillSo, yes, I did eat Pei Wei. But I had small portions (since it was either that or starve) and drank lots of water. (This is not a huge deal, but I was thinking that normally I would pound down a whole lot more than I did last night.) So that was good. The other thing is that Pei Wei has these amazing chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, they were still warm and there were several on the table to indulge in. I passed it up. It was not as hard as I would expect, even while 1.) I love chocolate chip cookies. and 2.) they were still warm!!!

In the past three days, I have eaten well, drank lots of water and exercised 45min/day. I have to say that it feels good knowing that I am doing what is good for me. I have recently had a lot of stress, and some things I have noticed since working out is that my stress is decresing, I am sleeping better, & I have a clearer mind during the day. I also have more energy in general after a good workout. The thing I am concerned about is how I will maintain this commitment when school starts in August. So I am going to try to plan ahead the best I can. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep exercise and diet a priority during busy and stressful times?


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