Spiritual Wit

Psalm 70

Focus: 70:5 I am oppressed and needy! O God, hurry to me! You are my helper and my deliverer! O Lord, do not delay!

Wit is an old term that refers to mental sharpness and inventiveness. It describes the ability to think quickly. (It also comes more naturally for some than for others.) But in general this tool of leadership is developed from habits of reasoning. Mental sharpness and inventiveness require a baseline knowledge and trust of information. The more such information is used and referenced to, the greater one’s wit will be in a circumstance that requires quick recall and development of thought.

One of the first things I discovered while reading this Psalm is that it begins with “For the music director; by David; written to get God’s attention.” It recounts a time when David was in a circumstance where he quickly needed to hear from God. He desperately sought for God’s attention and help from at least 2 things: physical danger and spiritual danger. (We know this because of Psalm 40.)

Many of us might find ourselves in the same situation. For some reason, we might find that we are “oppressed and needy” because of a physical ailment or spiritual attack. Circumstances like these are common in our broken world, but what is most important is that we can respond like David. He had spiritual wit. He was able to quickly align his thoughts and heart to immediately petition the Lord to help him in his time of need.

Battles can be won or lost because of wit. This is true in every area of life. Throughout his life, David had built habits of turning to the Lord in times of need. He recognized Yahweh as his helper and deliverer. Having such spiritual confidence will not come with an absence of a baseline knowledge and trust in God. It is crucial to develop this foundation if you want to overcome the challenges that can debunk your walk with Christ!

There are several ways of learning about God: 1.) Be in community with other believers who are seeking after Christ 2.) Study God’s word 3.) Spend time in prayer 4.) Memorize scripture 5.) Meditation 6.) Rest 7.) Serve others 8.) Tithe. There are a slew of other ways to learn about the Lord, but this list is to help get started.

When one begins to build habits of learning and studying God, an information base of reference will be embedded into the heart and mind. This is key to developing the same kind of wit David had. When the “Mac Trucks” of life hit, you will not be pummeled to the point where you turn to hurts, habits and hangups to rescue you from pain. Rather, your quick instinct will be to turn to the Lord for His deliverence.

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