Psalm 65

Focus: 65:3 Our record of sins overwhelms me, but you forgive our acts of rebellion.

Recently, I was sharing with those I minister closest, and I was trying to encourage them to pick themselves up when they struggle in the flesh or at moments of unfaithfulness. The apostle Paul made it clear that the flesh and the Spirit are at war with each other, but how can we be free from the guilt we feel when we blow it?

If we are honest with ourselves, we are all like David. He recounts the reputation of God’s people. You can almost sense the sorrow in his heart when he writes, “Our record of sins overwhelms me…” Unfaithfulness brings a heavy weight that is burdensome to carry. How do we feel as we evaluate our life choices?

From our point of view, such an evaluation would be discouraging. However, there is no need to be stuck in the weights of guilt. David finished his thought with the reminder of God’s amazing grace, His faithful committed love. You can sense the relief of the burdens lifted when he recounts that God forgives our acts of rebellion.

So often we would like to continue to wear the shackles of guilt. We punish ourselves by refusing to live free after God has forgiven our transgressions. But such living is totally unnecessary. Can we also realize that God forgives our acts of rebellion? If God would forgive us of every sin and shortcoming we can remember, then we ought to forgive ourselves too!

God’s forgiveness of our sin gives us the freedom to live in right relationship with Him once again. Our forgiveness of our own mistakes gives us the freedom to give God the praise He deserves. When we have forgiven ourselves then we know that we have accepted God’s forgiveness, and we know we are free.

One thought on “Freedom

  1. Forgiveness is such a powerful thing. We truly must come to grips that if we are HIS, we are forgiven indeed. And that next step, is forgiving ourselves next. If we don’t, we remained chained. Daily, we must realize there is a battle at hand (inside) between our flesh and our spirit. It’s not a joke.

    When we allow Christ to live in us and take control, I don’t think we’ll ever be ashamed.

    Great post Jeremiah! One of my favorites. Thank you for pouring into our team the way you are.

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