Home Sweet Home

Psalm 61

Focus: 61:4 I will be a permanent guest in your home; I will find shelter in the protection of your wings.

There is something special about going back home. Whether it is a commute back from work or the end of a long vacation, there is comfort in knowing that your own bed and pillow await you. Home provides the safety of the familiar.

But just as there is something wonderful about being home, there is also the refreshing adventure of being someone’s guest. There is nothing like the first time when I spent the night at my friend’s home. I had a special place to lay at night, fresh towels and wash clothes for the morning, a different shower than my own, food cooked for me in the morning and the company of my friend.

Being a follower of Yahweh has the best of both worlds. You are a guest in the place you will call home. Our home is the place where we will be served by God. He will provide the ministry of eternal sanctification and glorification of our bodies. Our home will also be home. What we know of as home on earth is nothing compared to the home that is waiting us in heaven. Home will be the place where we will find rest and shelter that we have not yet had in this life. We will no longer work; no longer will there be the pain of hurts, habits and hangups. We will be permanent residents in the house of God.


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