The Fruit of Trust

Psalm 52

Focus: 52:8 But I am like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God;
I continually trust in God’s loyal love.

In this passage of Scripture, we see two people with two different faiths that lead to two different outcomes. Saul, king of Israel, was pursuing David. His trust was in his financial strength, position as king, and ultimately himself. The outcome: Saul produced rotten fruit in his life. He was a bitter man with hatred that possessed his heart. His life would become a heap of ruins.

Conversely, David was fleeing from Saul. David was not yet in power. David was the good guy, yet in his humble position as a shepherd without an army and great wealth or an established name for himself, he was the stronger man. His life would become an olive tree planted in the house of God. Why?

As opposed to Saul who trusted in his own strength, David trusted in the loyal love of God. It was not just a one time deal that David trusted. David continually trusted in God’s loyal love. David built a lifestyle of habitually trusting God. Yahweh was his strength. He simply became part of God’s plan instead of trying to make his own.

When we become followers of Christ, we must be like David who built a continual habit of trust. Many pray a prayer of salvation for their fire insurance to keep them from hell, and then live as if God does not exist. Their outcome will be no greater than Saul’s. God’s delivering salvation is for those who build a lifestyle of trusting in His loyal love. For those who continually trust the Lord, there can come all sorts of trials and temptations, yet they will have the strength to confidently endure. They will also be like David who would become an olive tree planted in the house of God.


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