Finding Strength

4/3/09 8:00am

Judges 6-10

Pericope: 6:11-16

Often times God becomes very intentional in revealing himself to His people. This is the case in the story of Gideon. God had heard the cries of his people who were in bondage again because of their adultery with other gods. So God again is graciously rescuing his people and he chooses Gideon to lead. Why Gideon? As we look at the story of Gideon, not only has God picked a man who is cowardly (he is threshing wheat hiding in a wine press), but this man Gideon also comes from a humble lineage (his clan was the weakest in Manasseh and he was the youngest of them all). Gideon was one who did not believe in himself. Most of us can relate to that. When we really think about our insecurities, do we really think we would have the courage of leading a nation out of bondage? On what grounds or authority? The average person (even the average believer) has no grounds for such leadership. We are all in the same boat, right? So most of us can empathize with Gideon. We can get a speck of understanding of his concerns (fears!). So how did he muster up the courage to lead God’s people? 6:16 provides the source: God was with Gideon. It was God who would fight the battles. It was God who would deliver his people through Gideon. It was not Gideon’s strength. When God wants to reveal himself, he often chooses the weak things of this world and the despised to shame the wise (1 Cor 1:27). Throughout this narrative, we can see God’s intentionally making sure His people know Who delivered them (see Judges 7:1-8). Yes, Gideon was weak. But that is the point. He was not the deliverer! God is! So, the application is that when God is doing something and we happen to be involved in what he is doing, we are not the center of what he is doing. God is! So, yes, we may be weak and insignificant. But that is OK! God is working in us to be our strength to accomplish His plans for His people. Therefore, we can act with confidence when God uses us because we will be finding our strength in Him! It is not about us; it is about him!


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