The Presence and Power of God

3/30/09  8:15am

Numbers 21-25

Pericope: Numbers 22:18-20

It is a privilege growing up in the most “powerful” country in the world. Although our influence has staggered in recent years, I have no doubt that we still possess brute strength to conquer any other nation if we wanted. But at any moment, God could allow our strength to unravel like a spool of thread- and it seems as of recently, this may be happening. Our greatness as a country is solely determined by the presence and power of God. He causes nations to rise and fall. Numbers 22 is a great picture of the influence God’s people had on the pagan countries as they began to conquer the Promised Land. To my knowledge, Balaam was not part of the community of Yahweh, yet he could not help but bless God’s people when Balak sought for Balaam to bring a curse on Israel. Blessings were sought by kings upon themselves and curses towards their enemies as they entered into battle. Thus, Balak was doomed without a blessing for himself and a curse toward his enemies. Israel was blessed by the presence and power of God. He was with his people. If our country is to continue to thrive, we must have God’s presence and strength keeping us. This also translates into personal life. If I am to conquer the personal battles I need God’s presence and strength. Thankfully, God has given believers His Holy Spirit to be that “helper” and “strength” in times of need.

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