Unwaivering Confidence

3/28/09  9:00pm

Numbers 11-15

Pericope: Numbers 14:24-25

Confidence is a difficult concept for people in our generation to understand. It seems to me that the greatest time when confidence in an individual or team is exuberant is in the sports arena- and then only when your team is winning. The stark reality is that we live at a time when relationships are broken, the economy is in shambles, political leaders are liars (on both sides), food is contaminated, weather is weird, and the list goes on. There seems to be nowhere to turn to. So the idea of a God wanting his people to be confident in Him is difficult to comprehend and seems at least ridiculous. In this passage, Caleb is a shining example of the person God is seeking for Himself. God describes him as one who has obeyed Him completely. When Caleb went out as a spy with the others, only he and Joshua came back with an attitude of trust, even in the midst of insurmountable circumstances. Caleb and Joshua had learned from God’s past history of grace and faithfulness toward His people. They knew God could get them through any challenge. Because of their unwaivering confidence, they were able to inheret God’s blessings. This is what God wants for me. It is what he wants for us. How many trials must I endure before my confidence is steadfast? God’s past history of grace and supernatural miracles are there so that we would trust Him for all He is yet to do in the future! So our salvation will come by faith, by unwaivering confidence, in God’s grace. Will we trust Him? Will I trust Him?

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