A Leadership Lesson

3/29/09 4:45pm

Numbers 16-20

Pericope: Numbers 16:12-13

Too often people tend to idolize their leaders. Leaders are put on a pedestal and glorified more than ought to be. Human leaders are human. Especially in the community of God’s people, leadership should not be taken lightly. The leader bares God’s name/ reputation. That is a lot of resonsibility, especially when considering that emotions can be worn down when having to deal with God’s people. They are dumb sheep who get lost, confused, forgettful and easily mislead. That can put a lot of stress on a leader and provide countless opportunities to lose temper are get frustrated. The leader must maintain his resolve, especially in front of God’s people. One easy slip and God’s reputation can be marred. The consequences can be severe when this happens. When Moses and Aaron were dealing with Israel, they were dealing with people who did not trust the Lord. Moses and Aaron were frustrated often, but because of just one time where Moses’ actions did not represent God as set apart, Moses was forbidden from leading God’s people into the promised land. Yikes! This makes me nervous as I am studying for ministry. I am challenged to pay more attention to dealing with my weaknesses. I would hate for my actions to cause others to stumble. What would be worse is losing a leadership opportunity on account of one simple mistake where I ruined God’s reputation. I have a long way to go, but I will journey hard to be the kind of leader God wants for His people.


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