Hand in Hand

3/23/2009 7:15am

Leviticus 22-27

Pericope: Leviticus 26:11-13

Leviticus is pretty much about what it means to walk hand in hand with the Lord. Being in community with Yahweh means adopting his ways. It means identifying with His Name, his reputation. This wonderful book gives us the insight to discover what it takes to be in the presence of God; what it takes for God to walk among his people. The number one thing for God’s people to be able to identify themselves with Yahweh was his grace to deliver them from Egypt. He broke the yolk of their slavery to Egypt and in doing so, God’s people were able to lift their heads and hearts with confidence once again. The condition for their freedom was personal identity with Yahweh in a covenant relationship. They were hand in hand with God. He would be their God and they would be His people. Such a relationship has responsibilities and consequences. Israel had to forsake all other gods. They had to have a fundamental reorientation of the heart, especially in how they treated God and approached Him. Being in relationship with Yahweh is WHOLLY DIFFERENT than anything else! It is Holy! It is set apart. It is on a different plane, a different level. Leviticus teaches how this relationship effects every part of life and reminds his people that everything is God’s. He is King. He owns it all! And it teaches us what to do when we recognize this principle and ask, “Now what?”


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