Fully Devoted

3/12/09 4:45pm

Joshua 21-24

Pericope: Joshua 24:14-15

Today my wife and I received a letter from our electric company. It turns out that our contract is expiring and they want us to renew. Of course, the first thing I did was google “compare power prices dallas texas.” I found one rate as cheap as 10.7 cents / kwh. That’s pretty decent! It’s cheaper than the 13.7 cents/ kwh we are paying now. So it looks like we will be switching to something cheaper. My wife and I are certainly not committed to any particular company. We’ll bounce from place to place to find the best rate.

I think that refraining from commitment is the norm for today’s culture. We are skeptical of long term commitments. They can become hand cuffs to our lives binding us away from the freedom we enjoy. Of course, choosing a power company does not have to be a serious deal. But there are areas in life where we should consider a stronger devotion. Relationships with people, jobs, & churches are just a few entities which deserve a higher commitment level.

In the Old Testament, we see God working for the redemption of man. He is sovereignly orchestrating history to provide restoration for His people. He has a Chesed love for His people. And one thing he requires in return is full devotion to Him. This may seem selfish, but it really isn’t. Being fully devoted to God is directly connected to inheriting His blessings. It is the bridge to being restored back to the life we were created to have. In Joshua 24, Joshua goes back over the covenant with Israel. It is a sort of “renewed vows.” The people are exhorted to fully obey God with integrity and loyalty. Loyal devotion is about what Joshua exhorts God’s people to commit to. He says, “Choose this day who you will serve.” Joshua knew the opportunities that existed which would strive to divide the hearts of God’s people. Devotion to God means full devotion. Choosing Yahweh cannot be done at the same level as choosing a power company. There is no room for ambivalence. Many of us heard about this year’s “Bachelor” who had to choose between 2 women. He flip floped on his choice and hurt his fiance. His choice had consequences. Choosing Yahweh cannot be done in the same light. The consequences for God’s people are more severe when they flippantly turn away from Him. It does not mean a bad wrap in the press and poor P.R. It means either inheriting the blessings of restored relationship with God and a fuller relationship with man or being carried away into the bondage of a life without God and his blessings. As we look at all those “options” which would deviate our devotion to Christ, it is essential to choose well. Not only is our immediate freedom at stake, but so also is our eternity in relation to Christ.


One thought on “Fully Devoted

  1. I love when you say it is “essential to choose well.” Our devotion to Christ is a choice- a daily one at that. And when we choose to go the opposite way, we choose to deviate from his blessings. He really is in the process of restoring us day by day. Great writing babe. I love you.

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