Faithful God

3/10/09 9:45p

Joshua 17-20

Pericope: Joshua 17:3-4

One thing that irritates me is when someone promises something and then never fulfills his promise. Political campaigns are the worst. Obama and the entire democratic party as well as most republicans have made me sick the past 8 years and even more the past 3 months.  I guess Obama’s pledge of fiscal discipline and cutting pork spending and pet projects are empty words. Check out the latest news. Another several hundred billion dollar spending spree that will mortgage the mortgage that is already on my generation and my son’s generation and his future children’s generation- thanks to the “bailout” failure already passed.

One thing that is comforting to me is that there is hope for today in the midst of a  world knocked up by sin. Since creation, Yahweh has been at work to restore rest to this world. He is at work doing away with evil and has already conquered sin on the cross. It will be a matter of time before evil will be judge. We know this because God is faithful. In today’s passage, we see that the Land is being distributed to God’s people, just has he has promised. This was a point in Israel’s history when things were being done, “as the Lord had commanded.” God made his promise to Abraham and his people were experiencing the truth to His words. When God speaks, it is effective. There is never a time when God speaks empty words or outright lies. There is never a time when he deceives His people. There is a world of difference between the empty words promised by people today and the effective faithful words of God. If you find it is difficult to trust because you have been burned by people who fail to keep their promises, then you ought to consider changing your vantage point. Make your starting point God’s word and discover His faithfulness as He cares for His people!

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