Loyalty & Endurance

3/09/09 9:15pm

Joshua 11-16

Pericope: Joshua 14:12-14

In today’s passage we get a glimpse of what is at stake in God’s kingdom. As God’s people were destroying the inhabitants of Canaan, there was a great cost involved. Many gave their lives as a sacrifice for the cause. Ultimately, God’s people were fighting for the Promised Land where they would rest. Fully engaged in battles, these people had to listen closely to God and obey Him completely. That was the only hope to receiving their inheritance. One person, Caleb is remembered as one who remained loyal to God. He consciously lived in such a way that he knew his success depended on God’s presence. Because of his perspective he had loyal endurance. His reward: he was given the land of Hebron as the fulfillment of God’s promise for his loyalty. In previous passages we have witnessed destruction upon those who forget the Lord, so today’s reading was encouraging because it shows what happens when someone loyally endures in their walk with God. If we wish to inherit our promised salvation, if we want to one day experience true rest, we must loyally endure for Christ to the end. If this is our desire, then we must also live in such a way that we know our success depends on God’s presence. One day evil will be destroyed and God’s Kingdom will be rebuilt. Those who are faithful will share in the blessings of God’s promises.

Below is an inspirational video that was showed at our church. It reminds me of who I am being loyal to. It reminds me of my cause:


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