Living in Confidence

3/8/09 3:45pm

Joshua 1-5

Pericope: Joshua 1:16-18

Often I have wondered what it means to be a Christian in a world that has been ruined by sin. The world that I live in now is not the world that will one day be. So what is life supposed to be like in the meantime?

I believe that the first few chapters of Joshua demonstrate how God wants his people to live and act when they are in a land that is not yet their own. As God’s people entered the land, they had an attitude of confidence in God. In Chapter 1, an attitude of obedience is portrayed. It is an attitude which demonstrates trust in God’s plans and purposes in life. I think it is essential when God brings us to moments when we remember all He has done, and when He builds that trust, that we continually do all that we can to keep on remembering. It almost sounds silly or redundant to make such a comment. But the reality is that such trust will give us the confidence to face the battles ahead. When we fail to trust the Lord’s leading and provisions, we make foolish mistakes and we lose battles in life. When we trust God, He leads and fights for us and we win every time!

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