God’s Reputation

3/8/09 3:30p

Joshua 6-10

Pericope: Joshua 7:10-12

In today’s reading, I found a little bit about what God does not want for his people. Disobedience is detrimental to God’s reputation and poison to His plans. Furthermore, disobedience forfeits living in the blessings provided in the covenant that God established with Israel. Whenever Israel disobeyed, just as was stipulated in the Covenant, there were horrible consequences. God’s discipline is His way of 1.) maintaining God’s reputation and 2.) training God’s people to do what they would not do so that they can have what they really want. God does not have any place for disobedience. In Joshua 7, we find that disobedience cost Achan his life. Not only that, but the sin of that one person cost the lives of his family and 3,000 men who went to war who were stripped of God’s protection on account of Achan’s sin. The choice of one person can have devastating effects on an entire community. (If you don’t believe that just ask anyone affected by the scandel of Bernie Madoff. Or ask any employee at Enron.) The bottom line is that God’s people must remember who He is and live with confidence to follow His plans so that we do not detour and cause unnecessary destruction (pain, hurts, habits and hangups) which would keep us from enjoying the blessings God has for us.


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