Building Confidence

3/7/09 8:15pm

Deuteronomy 1-5

Pericope: Deuteronomy 1:30-33

Today I was at Starbucks and I was talking with the barista about the economy. Hey, it’s a hot topic that everyone is talking about. I was reminded of one of the fundamentals to our economy: trust. Trust is essential to have in order for our economy to thrive. To put it simply, the trust just isn’t there anymore. It will take a long time to restore. Confidence in our economy has been shattered.

Confidence is enormous. With it we can conquer mountains. Without it we are left trembling and doomed. But the big question, is where should we place our trust? Where can we have confidence? Ultimately, our confidence must be in God. Today I was reading through the first passages of Deuteronomy and the issue of confidence is being discussed. Moses is speaking to Israel and reminding them of all the things the Lord has done. One of the most beautiful pieces of imagery is in Deuteronomy 1:31-32. It says, “The Lord your God is about to go ahead of you; he will fight for you, just as you saw him do in Egypt and in the desert, where you saw him carrying you along like a man carries his son. This he did everywhere you went until you came to this very place.” The imagery of a man carrying his child is enormous! I can picture my son, John Samuel, as he clings to me when I carry him. His entire confidence is in me. He holds close to me when he is unfamiliar places or around unfamiliar people. He looks at me to see my reaction and bases his confidence on my reaction. I carry him and bring him protection and security and I will do everything possible to keep him from harm! This is the picture of confidence that the Lord wants His people to have! The trials we go through, as Moses reminds God’s people, are confidence boosters! They are the life lessons where we get to see our God at work accomplishing his plans! Moses scathed Israel because of their disobedience and complete loss of confidence in the Lord at Kadesh Barnea. As we go through tough times, it is imperative that we remember all the good things the Lord has done in our life! We must remember the times when the Lord has fought for us and worked on our behalf. If we do not, we will become like God’s people who forgot and lost their battles. We will miss out on enjoying God’s promises. It does not matter what our country goes through, so long as God’s people remember His promises and His work, we can have confidence in the present where God is at work in the midst of the brokenness that affects our lives!


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