Uniquely Treasured

3/06/2008 12:15pm

Deuteronomy 31-43

Pericope: Deuteronomy 32:9-11

With our country going through tough times, and with it seemingly getting worse, we may be inclined to ask what God thinks. While Scripture provides insight into the wisdom that would preserve and protect God’s people, there is an even greater look into what God truly desires.

The fact is that we are going toward or are already in a valley. But there are certain reasons which can describe how we got to where we are. In the end, though, those reasons don’t matter so much to me. When I look back on our country’s mistakes, apart from learning from them (which seems to rarely happen), they do me no good. The only hope I have at this time is to be secure in what God wants for His people. Deuteronomy 32:9 says that the Lord’s allotment is his people, Jacob is his special possession. God uniquely treasures his people. They are described as being found in a desolate land, in an empty wasteland. It was while they were in that wasteland that God guarded his people and taught them. God is pictured like an eagle who spreads his wings over his people to protect them and he lifts them up on his wings.

Today our country is sipping on a crisis that we will soon gulp to our despair. It will leave an unwelcome hangover of unhappiness. We have begun to lay in the bed which we made! When God looks down on our country, he may find us in a desolate land, an empty wasteland. But we can find security that God is guarding and teaching his people. His wings are spread around us. That does not mean bad things won’t happen. It simply means that God will preserve and protect those who are his. And those who are his will learn because God is teaching. If we have any desire to make it through this catastrophe, we must come to the shelter of God’s wings so that He may lift us up on them. We are in a crisis that we cannot solve. But there is provision for those who will turn their hearts to the Lord.


One thought on “Uniquely Treasured

  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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