God’s People and His Plans

3/4/2009 10:15am

Deuteronomy 26-30

Pericope: Deuteronomy

I remember growing up as a child. I was like most other kids when it came to obeying parents. For the most part, I did well when everything was going as I wanted. If I was playing, life was always good until mom or dad wanted me to stop what I was doing to help clean up, or take a nap, or eat, or whatever it was. Then I would throw a fit! I wanted to have things my way! But in the end, mom and dad knew what was best, even when I didn’t get what I wanted. Mom and dad knew my heart and where I needed discipline. They knew what was good for me

The same is true when it comes to God and his plans for his people. When God created man, there was open fellowship between God and man, between man and woman.  But since the fall in the garden, mankind has been living in the midst of the consequences. Thankfully, God has been gracious and provided a plan to redeem His people back unto Himself and to save them from the consequences of sin.

In today’s passage, I read a lot about the stipulations of God’s Covenant with His people. In part of His plan of redemption for Israel, he included blessings and curses. Blessings and curses are common to find in the stipulations of covenants in ancient times. In essence, God provided rewards and punishments. When God’s people are loyal to Him, there are inherant consequences that are good. On the contrary, when God’s people are disloyal there are inherant consequences that bring harm. I have already mentioned in one of my previous journal entries that God knows the hearts of his people. He knows what his people need in a broken world where there are spiritual battles. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy the lives of God’s people. But God has brought life. He is life. Especially through Christ, his people can have the fullest life! God’s people must look at the circumstances around them and know how God is using everything to help his people remain faithful to Him so that they would inherit the blessings He wants to give. If there is suffering, then there may be something that God wants them to learn. Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered. If there is blessing, then all the more should his people remain faithful and thank God for what he has provided to enjoy!


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