The Heart of God

2/26/2009 6:00pm

Deuteronomy 1-5

Pericope: Deuteronomy 5:27-29

Sometimes it seems like nothing goes right in life. I have experienced this feeling several times here and there. There are moments when the road ahead seems smooth, scenic, and under control. And then in a moment we hit a pothole, the car breaks down, or we run entirely off the road. When this happens, it is easy to wonder what the Lord thinks. There are those thoughts that loom, “if God cares about me, then how could this happen? Why am I experiencing such stress and pain? Where is God?”

The truth is that God is just as upset about the tragedies we experience. God did not create this world to be what it is as we are experiencing now. There used to be complete freedom and life. Death, sickness and pain did not exist, but there was a point when man rejected the havens of life that God provided. Now we live with the consequences: sickness & disease, pain, fear, death, misfortune, etc. Life simply is not fun at times.

So what does God think? In Deuteronomy 1-5, God reestablishes his covenant with the next generation of people who survived the generation that died in the wilderness because of their unfaithfulness and inability to trust Yahweh. Again, God is proclaiming to His people that he will faithfully love them if they will fear Him and keep his commands. God’s desire is to bless his people. He wants his people to live in the freedom that exists when they live in community with Him. His laws and commands are for our protection to keep us away from those things which deceive us and lead us to death and destruction.

Ultimately, God has conquered sin and death through Christ on the cross. Those who trust in Christ will one day live to see death and sin destroyed. God will create a new heaven and earth and once again His people will dwell in the midst of true life. No longer will we be beaten down and discouraged through the consequences of sin that we now see. The questions is whether we will trust God’s heart when we are having trouble seeing his hand in the midst of such pain and suffering. If we are faithful to do this, then we can experience the freedom and true life that comes in the midst of community with God even during those moments when we are experiencing the effects of this fallen world.


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