More than Enough

2/24/09 7:30p

Exodus 36-40

Pericope: Exodus 36:7

Today I was talking with a friend about the stock market. It seems like it has been going crazy for so long! It is up and down! My retirement portfolio is half of what it once was. But do I find myself worrying too much? Not really. What I am coming to realize is that there is much more to this life than what I know. The world is not revolving around me.

As I studied today’s passages, I was encouraged by God’s work in the lives of his people. Remembering back to the beginning of Genesis, I recalled the brokenness of man’s relationship and perfect community with Him. All of creation was cursed and human relationship was bent. My mind focused on the hope that God immediately planned for a way to restore that broken relationship and community He had intended. Then I fast forward to today’s passage.

What I see is a climax in this epic where God is displaying before mankind His magnificent work and His faithful (Chesed love)  love. The tabernacle and physical dwelling place where God would emit His glory before His people was finally underway. Exodus 36:7 records, “Now the materials were more than enough 20 for them to do all the work.” When God is doing a work he provides the resources to accomplish that work.

So fast forward to today. As I look at the enormous depletion of wealth, I do not sit and wonder if God cares or where He went. He is right here! His hand is sovereignly providing for His people in a glorious way to accomplish His plans. “So where did my retirement go? What about my job that is gone?” I am not sure what to make of such uncertainties. The treasures of wealth today will be gone when we die, so ultimately God is revealing that we cannot find our certanties there. Proverbs 3:5 says to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. If I were to lean on what I knew of my life in this moment, I would be fearful. Life is a dismal spiral that is uncontrollable and uncertain. But what I know for certain is that God is at work to bring His people into right relationship with Him. When it comes to God working for the salvation of men, the resources are abundant. They are more than enough! He is doing everything that we would be part of His covenant community in Christ where we can experience the freedom, joy, and blessings that we were created to know. For those who live in such community, there is a stable bedrock foundation that does not shake when life spirals around.

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