The Way God Works

2/23/09 10:00am

Exodus 31-35

Pericope: Exodus 31:3

As I grew up in the church, I often wondered how God would use me in ministry. I remember hearing weird terms like “spiritual gifts”. What is a spiritual gift and how does God accomplish his work through them? How does God choose people to do different things for Him?

Today’s trek through Exodus walked me through the buidling of the Tabernacle. It was the exciting point in time when God began to establish a physical  place on earth where his glory would dwell among his people. In today’s first chapter I read, I discovered that when God chose people to use for his work, it was not because they were amazing people. Rather, each person was uniquely equipped for a special task. No person necessarily was greater than the other or more useful. God used Bezalel for artistic design, setting stones and cutting wood. Why Bezalel? It really does not matter “why”. I think, however, that the general observation can be made that Bezalel was uniquely equipped by God to do this work.

Since the fall of creation, God has been working to bring restoration and redemption of His people so that they may experience the blessing of being in community with Him. The buidling of the tabernacle was part of a bigger epic story. One day, evil will be destroyed forever and there will be rest for God’s people where we will enjoy His presence! However, until that point, God is at work through the hands and feet of His people. Every person on the earth has been uniquely outfitted to serve God with special gifts. The separating difference is that some people have been redeemed and sanctified by God’s work through faith in Him. That simply means that God’s people are those who recognize their inadequacy and understand the sufficiency of Christ and have placed Him as Lord of their life. The focal point for the believer is on Christ and no longer on self. The gifts that the believer have are now being used to bring glory to God instead of to man. Such gifts have been redirected from use for common purposes to use for God’s purposes: that is what holy/sanctified means.


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