Making Room For God

2/22/09 5:30p

Exodus 26-30

Pericope: Exodus 29:42-43

This morning at my church, we had mostly a routine service. At the end of the service, a video was played called “Thanks for making room for me”. The video has several people on it who have recently started attending Watermark, share their testimony of thanks for making room for them at Watermark. We are in the middle of a building campaign to use our resources to provide for more space for ministry at our church. This video was a thank you from members of the Dallas community who have been touched by the ministry of those at Watermark who have made an intentional effort to reach the de-church, dead churched and unchurched by giving their resources. Through such ministry, individuals have come into a greater fellowship with God. But this ministry would not have existed if individuals in our church did not sacrifically give money and resources in a strategic way which reached those with hurts, habits, and hangups.

Today, as I was reading through Scripture, I was reminded of our campaign at Church. Reading through these portions of Scripture can become dry and tedious. But I believe today I been reminded of the essence of the purpose of the Tabernacle. The word Tabernacle means “dwelling place.” The Tabernacle is the dwelling place of God. In Exodus 29:42-46, God says that the tabernacle will be a place where the Israelites will know that He is the Lord their God, who brought them out from the land of Egypt, so that He may reside among them.” The tabernacle is the place where God would emit his presence. It was made of raw materials that were skillfully fashioned and put together in such a way that there would be a physical location where God would dwell among his people. It returned the essence of fellowship with His people that was given up when Adam and Eve sinned. In other words, it was a physical place to make room for God to reside amongst the community of Israel!

When I think about the tabernacle, I am amazed at the conditions of God’s presence. There was a lot of beauty to the intricacy and design of the place where God would dwell, but on the flip side of the coin it was also a gruesome place where the smell of death from animal sacrifice would linger. There is a putrid smell to the cost of sin. This ultimately reminds me of the privilege that God’s people have to be in his presence even in the midst of the nastiness of sin which is atoned for and redeemed by the blood of Christ. What an amazing picture of grace! Today, if we want to make room for God, that simply means accepting His sacrifice on the Cross. It is a sacrifice which covers over and redeems our sin and allows room for Christ to dwell in our life!


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