Throw Me a Bone

2/20/2009 11:45am

Exodus 16-20

Pericope: Exodus 18:24-26

One of the most ineffective situations in leadership is isolation. There is never a time in Scripture (That I can think of) where God calls someone to do something and then leaves him hanging. Can you imagine if Moses was the only person responsible for delivering the people from Egypt?

Leadership can be tough, especially because it involves people. Yes, people. God’s assessment of man is prudent when he chose to take them the long way out of Egypt to the land of Canaan. He knew men’s hearts. Men’s hearts have not changed. It is still frustrating to work with people.

The good news is that God has “thrown us a bone”. He, for one, is always with us. Second, in his calling he provides Community of people around us to support us on the mission He has given us!

When the people became too burdensome, God used Moses’ father in law to impart wisdom to Moses and Aaron so that they would delegate responsibility to leaders. God’s call is never for anyone to lead alone. If we must govern people, we ought to do it with the help of others.


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