Bailout Blues

February 18, 2009 8:45am

Exodus 6-10

Pericope: Exodus 6:6

Well, it is final. The bill has been signed. We are now possibly living in the midst of the greatest financial meltdown in history, next to the Great Depression. We have witnessed a historical effort by our government to try to valiantly rescue its people from the consequences of their choices.

Now passed is the largest spending bill in US history, and it is not guaranteed to work! I pray for those who are puting any confidence whatsoever in this irresponsible legislative act. The new congress and President has mortgaged our generation and generations to come because of the irresponsibility of many on Wall Street and certain consumers who spend more than they have…I guess that is most of us! But do not give props to the President or congress if you are a fan of this legislation. Give yourself a pat on the back! Your tax dollars are going to be paying for it until the day you die. This ‘Bailout’ is no bailout at all. It is a act of slavery.

Yesterday’s history is a great picture which portrays the idea of redemption. Redemption is what our country needs. Redemption simply means deliverance. We need to be delivered from our spending mistakes and the bondage it has caused us to be in. One of the greatest pictures of redemption is found in Exodus 6:6. God promises to deliver his people from the enslavement of the Egyptians.

In order to grant freedom a price has to be paid. The term used to describe this price is “ransom.” There is always a cost to freedom. (Many of us have been given things all our lives so we do not know much about what it means to pay a cost. But we will learn in due time if we haven’t already.)

For redemption of Israel, there was not a fiscal value associated with the cost. The idea is the activity of God and his power to set his people free. In simpler terms, I guess one could say the cost was the effort of God. This is God’s grace. But that does not seem like a big deal. And truly, it wasn’t a bid deal for God. But with such great deliverance comes great responsibility. Freedom is not a green light to be precarious. It is a yellow light to be careful so that one’s choices do not place him back into the bondage where he came from.

Verse 7 explains God’s purpose in redemption. Why did God do it for Israel? It ultimately was to reestablish the love relationship God has with his people. In today’s economy, redemption would look like someone handing the US government a check for 14 trillion dollars and taking responsibility and care for the US citizens. Of course that will never happen today, but it is essentially what happened with Israel. God’s power set his people free so that they could live under His provisions and blessings in the Covenant.

Ultimately, God has been faithful to his people through the work of Christ on the cross. Through Christ, God is redeeming himself a people who would live in Covenant with Him. When we are freed from our bondage, it is not so that we would be free to go back to that bondage again, but some do. The freedom that God provides in Christ is to give us an atmosphere where we can experience the blessings of the promises of God.


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