Trials, Tears and Triumph


Genesis 42-46

Pericope: Genesis 45:6-8

This past week, I learned about a friend who just had her second miscarriage. The day after she miscarried, she learned that her parent’s were getting a divorce. On that same day, her husband’s father passed away. My heart broke for them as I could only imagine the tears that were being shed in the midst of such trials. I have only to wonder what the Lord is doing.

In Genesis 42-46, the heat was turned up in the lives of Joseph’s sibblings and father. Famine was sever and they had to travel to Egypt to find food. This trip to purchase food in Egypt led to a series of perceived disasters. Ultimately, it all culminated with a revelation of God’s bigger picture for Joseph’s family. God’s plan was not to bring disaster for the sake of disaster. His strong hand was working to bring Joseph and his family to Egypt for this important time in history. Joseph understood as he shared with his brother, “God sent me ahead of you to preserve you on the earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.” Trials and tears were turned into triumph.

Looking back at the story of my friend who lost her baby, it is difficult to discern why she is going through such tragedy. But I am certain that the tears are intended for victory in her life. One lesson that we must learn is that we should never get too captivated by the moment because the moment is all we can see. There is a bigger picture for every moment, and our responsiblity is simply to trust God.


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