Never Alone


Genesis 37-41

Pericope: Genesis 39:21-23

One of the greates illusions we create in our minds is that we are alone. Sometimes this illusion plays to our advantage for our ego. It comes in form when we accomplished something great. We say, “Look at what I did by myself.” Other times this illusion forms when we are going through deep struggles that sense this “aloneness” in our minds- no matter how great the crowd of people is that surrounds us.

In Genesis 37-41 we can read about Joseph and the junk that he encountered in his life. He had weid dreams, he was mocked by his family, sold into slavery, slandered (Accused of raping the Pharoah’s wife!), thrown into jail, and forgotten by those who promised to help him. Life just plain sucked for him! But the scriptures do not indicated anything about Joseph complaining.

Scripture paints Joseph as the guy who did what was right even when it was hard. He did not wollow in self pity. Circumstances did not dictate his attitude. Scriptures says that Joseph excelled in the midst of struggle. Because he was faithful to trust God, he was even promoted ein the worst of times! What was the key?

The Lord was with Joseph and whatever he was doing the Lord was making successful! Joseph never stole the glory and said, “Look at what I did,” when he was put in charge of Pharoah’s kingdom. Nor did he pout and blow his life away when he was accused of raping Pharoah’s daughter. Why? Because he knew he was not alone. The story was not about him. God was sovereignly sewing together the details in the tapestry of Joseph’s life. In this glorious design, God would bring Joseph’s family to Egypt where they would be saved from famine. Not only that, but through the key moment’s in Joseph’s life, as God brought Joseph’s family to Egypt, God built up His people in the greatest land in that time. It was the land where God would deliver his people from. It was these people that God would bring a deliverer to. Joseph’s life was not about what was going on in the immediate. It was part of the puzzle piece the forms redemption!

As God is working in your life, remember that you are never alone. Never get too prideful. Never get too discouraged. God is sovereignly stitching together his plans of redemption for you and those around you, and your life is uniquely tapered to fit in.

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