1/21/2009 10:00 am.

Genesis 12-17

Focus Passage 12:1-8

Recently, I watched Tim Tebow, the quarterback of the Florida Gators, help lead his team to a national championship over the Oklahoma Sooners. When coach Urban Myer invited Tebow to become part of the Gator family, he provided an atmosphere for Tebow to thrive. Tim Tebow has become a college superstar. But coach Myer did not choose Tebow to be on the Gator team so that Tebow’s destiny would be great. He was chosen to help lead the Gator’s to a national championship. In Tebow’s performance, he became great while accomplishing a mission. Tim Tebow is now a portrait of a national championship team.

In scripture, we see God come into the life of Abram. There is no indication that Abram was some spiritual superstar. Yet, like coach Myer had intentions in his heart and mind with the person of Tim, so also did God have intentions with Abram. God interjects in history through the life of Abram so that nations will see what it is like to be in community with their Creator. Abram became part of a divine mission that would exemplify the greatness of being on mission with God.

Just like when Tebow made an agreement to play exclusively for Coach Myer, and just as Tebow agreed to the conditions Myer laid out at the beginning, so also did Abram become part of a covenant with God (Yahweh). In verses 1-3, God gave Abram the promise of a great name, many decendants, and land (wealth). But this greatness that was promised was not the end purpose. The product that God was looking for out of Abram was not a national championship. The product that Abram would produce was being a picture to the nations of what it is like to be in community with God. Verse 2 reads, “so that you will exemplify divine blessing” (New English Translation). Many translations say, “So that all nations will be blessed through you”(See footnotes from NET Bible) .

It is true that Abram became a channel of blessing to all nations, but I believe God’s primary purpose in Abram’s life would be that Abram would be picture of the blessing that it is to be in right relationship with God (Community). Abram would exemplify divine blessing!

As people look to Tim Tebow, they will indeed see a great quarterback. But more than that, they will remember a person who was part of a national championship team. As Abram seized the blessings of God through life in covenant community relationship, nations would see a portrait of divine magnitude. God’s purpose was that nations would know Him through Abram’s life.

Each of us can look back at Abram and see the greatness of God injected into history. More than that, we can know the Christ who is fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant. Christ lived in perfect community with God. Can you see the greatness of God in Christ? Have you moved toward community with God because of Christ? If so, are you now a portrait of the blessing of being in community with God through Christ?

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